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Q: How long does it take to set up fileshift?
A: It doesn't!! Simply complete the form and send your file!!

Q: What kind of files can be sent?
A: Anything - from Word docs to pdfs and movieclips

Q: What is the size limitation for a single file?
A: 1GB

Q: How secure is fileshift?
A: Very secure! We use standard industry practices securing our servers and networks.

Q: How do I know a has been sent?
A: When a file is successfully uploaded it will appear in your sent list. When the recipient has been notified a check will appear next to transferred.

Q: How do my customers know if their file has been received?
A: If you have successfully downloaded a file your customers will see a check next to it, in their web interface.

Q: Do you charge me or my customers to send and receive files?
A: Absolutely not.